Welcome to NBDOTTIE, a professional custom garment manufacturer with over 12 years of industry experience. Our factory, strategically located in Zhejiang

Province, China, operates as an integrated manufacturing and trading company. We boast a comprehensive production line covering weaving, dyeing,

printing, and sewing processes. This seamless integration allows us to offer unmatched advantages  in terms of cost-effectiveness, exceptional quality,

prompt delivery, and operational efficiency.

With our extensive experience and profound knowledge of the garment industry, we excel at meeting diverse customer requirements with utmost effectiveness.

Whether you're a fashion brand seeking trendy designs, an outdoor enthusiast in need of functional apparel, a sports team looking for custom sportswear, 

or a pet owner desiring stylish and comfortable pet wear, NBDOTTIE has you covered.

Partner with NBDOTTIE for a seamless garment customization experience. Whether you are a fashion brand, a corporate entity, or an individual seeking 

personalized apparel, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that align with your unique requirements.